During the summer of 2022 I worked on the CHOOSE LOVE/SPREAD LOVE-project. It contained three layers: The outside world, The digital world and The inner world.

The outside world: Spreading Love in the streets of Leiden. For this I convicted a poster mounting space on a parking lot where I pasted the texts CHOOSE LOVE (A-side) and SPREAD LOVE (B-side). The A-side remained undisturbed for nine days. The B-side remained spotless for five days. After that the work disappeared slowly but surely.

13.08.2022 22:12 h
(both intact)
Latitude: 52.160086 | Longtitude: 4.497123
Kaasmarkt, Leiden, Netherlands.

The digital world: Spreading Love on social media. For this part of the project 99 people were photographed with the text SPREAD LOVE. The photo’s were spread on social media to work as an antidote between al the toxic messages over there. Special detail is that a number of people I photographed went out themselves to photograph other people. Thus the project spread itself before it even started.

The inner world: this is were it starts. In this place you choose love. During the Kunstroute Leiden I exhibited the whole project in a walled garden. The walled garden I used as a metaphor for the inner world: the place where vulnerability and intimacy reside. I depict love, intimacy and vulnerability by picking flower petals and reconstruct them. From this reconstructions I make photos: the so called reconstructions of love.