Exit GEMAK: All Art is Political

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GEMAK has to close and therefore organizes its final event on Friday 4 December 2015, a farewell in the spirit and ambition of GEMAK (and the Vrije Academie Foundation) focusing on artistic practice, experiment, diversity in art disciplines and the connection between art, society and politics.

EXHIBITION (open from 2 pm till midnight), participating artists:

Philip Akkerman, Siamak Anvari, Ehsan Behmanesh, Justin Bennett, Harold de Bree, Paul Bruininckx, Claudie de Cleen, Nicole Donkers, Laura van Eeden, B.C. Epker, Melissa Cruz Garcia, Amme Geenem Hannah Dawn Henderson. Jonquil, André Kruysen, Dana LaMonda, ligteringen/derooij, Euf Lindeboom, LUSTlab, Sylvain Mazas, Marjolijn van der Meij, Andries Micke, Ingrid Mol, Pendar Nabipour, Nishiko, POTL- Hans Demoed & Geert de Rooij, Rjan de Nooy, Zeger Reyers, Pascal Schilp, Petra van der Schoot, Philip Schuette, Willem Spekenbrink, Yvo van der Vat, Pim Voorneman, Teun Voeten, René Vullings, Lenny Waasdorp, Mark de Weijer, Wouter Willebrands, Jean van Wijk, Gerjanne & Marijke van Zuilen.


On show:
Train underpass near Weesp
45 seconds in 24 images
10.01.2015 | 10:21:27 h – 10:22:12 h

underpass near weesp





The paradox of Theseus’s ship

The paradox of Theseus’s ship is a philosophical issue. Imagine that your ship has left the port. At sea, all hundred wooden parts of your ship will be replaced by metal ones. When your ship sails into the next port, is it still the same ship?

This paradox is a metaphor for the person’s identity, a recurring theme in my work. In the photo’s below you can see how I compose a picture. The ship, the Hollandia, I photographed on Terschelling last year when it was lying on dry land.







Video interview Podium Pitch online

September 21 I was, together with writer Christiaan Weijts, the Golden Oldies and dance group ISH,  guest at Podium Pitch. And impression of this first edition is now online. You’ll see me at the first five minutes on the video below.

Installation view: I Fall to Pieces

A collage from the installation I Fall to Pieces (2015). On show in Ars Aemula Naturea (Leiden) from Januari 3 – 18



I Fall to Pieces – overview


In the various parts of the installation I Fall to Pieces Self Portrait # 077 is the starting point. The center piece of the installation is a jigsaw puzzle consisting of 2,000 pieces. Visitors of the exhibition are cordially invited to puzzle, and therefor put the self-portrait piece by piece back together again.













In the background: 77 variants (76 x small and 1 large) of the Self Portrait # 077. Each variant highlights a different fragment of the same personality. 

77 varieties on Self Portrait #077.
I Fall to Pieces (detail). 77 varieties on Self Portrait #077






I Fall to Pieces (detail). One of the 77 varieties made of Self Portrait #077. Size 70 x 100 cm. Printed on Fuji Pearl, framed
























Far left, where the installation begins, FACEREADER statistics: a software program that is used in security business. 

Gender: male
Age: 20-30
Beard: none
Moustache: none
Glasses: no
Facial Expressions: mostly Surprised, less Neutral, Happy and Scared, minimal Sad.

Self Portrait #077 has been analyzed in a total of seven times using several biometric detection programs such as BetaFace, FaceFacePlus, Pretty Scale and a program that makes an emotion profile.

I Fall to Pieces (detail). FACEREADER statistics. Size 60 x 45 cm. Printed on wood.



7 facial analysis on Self Portrait #077

These seven programs measure somehow the features of the face of Self Portrait #077 and draw their own conclusions. Quite remarkable conclusions.

1. Using Face Rekognition

Emotion: Surprised. Age: 21.75. Beauty: 63,64.












2. Using Facefaceplus

Most striking conclusion is my age: 20.




3. Using Betaface

Age: 8. Beard: yes.





4. Using Facial Imaging Technology

This Facial Imaging Techology makes an Emotion Profile. On the upper profile the emotions are mostly Neutral, less Surprise, Anger + Fear and minimal Sadness, Hapiness + Disgust. In the one below you see that the percentage Fear goes up.





5. Using Pretty Scale

I mirrored both halves of my face and laid them over each other so that the left side is equal to the right-hand side.  A balanced face is found attractive. Self Portrait #077 is 88% pretty.




Gender: male (!)
Age: 20-30
Beard: none
Moustache: none
Glasses: no
Facial Expressions: mostly Surprised, less Neutral, Happy + Scared, minimal Sad.




7. Using a biometric detection program

Female this time. But only 46%.