In the art world, the terms Relevant and Urgent are often used to indicate that a work of art matters. If your work is not Relevant or Urgent, it will be considered unimportant. However, when you know that only 13% (!) of the art which is on display or in depots in the museums is made by female artists (and the other 87% by male artist), you may wonder who decides what is Relevant or Urgent. Three guesses…

I made these two necklaces from 925 silver by myself. Jump ring by jump ring. One necklace with the cut out word RELEVANT and one necklace with single letters of the word URGENT. I wear the necklaces to propagate that it is important to show the work of female artists. (Re-) presentation is very important.

Sarmad Book Five: Home

Sarmad is an independent, non-profit interdisciplinary platform for research, publishing, collective thinking, and education in the fields of art, architecture and design. Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, it is working across different disciplines from photography, visual arts and architecture to writing, performance art and film. For their fifth book Sarmad Book Five: Home four of my photos of my late neighbour Jan were selected and published.

Sarmad Book Five: Home

“The person in all the photos is Jan, he used to live next to me. Since his wife died, nine years earlier, Jan put their bed in the living room because he didn’t want to sleep upstairs anymore. The bed became the central living environment for him. Everyday he visited the grave of his beloved wife and then got back to the bed. I used to walk in on him a few times a week, and we would have a chit chat and eat something together and sometimes I took some photos. I did so in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Last winter he passed away. I miss him.”

Analog Forever Magazine

Happy to announce that California based Analog Forever Magazine selected the first analog photo I took in years for their online winter exhibition.

Analog Forever Magazine showcases 56 images in their December 2019 Online Group Exhibition “Winter”, curated by Aline Smithson Photography of LENSCRATCH and sponsored by Lomography! These photographs explore the people, places, and memories that make the season of winter special in individual and creative ways. See all of the images selected for this exhibition at!

Nasty Women Amsterdam / #teamFemke exhibition and fundraiser

My work Number Two (remastered 2019) got selected for the Nasty Women Amsterdam / #teamFemke exhibition and fundraiser.

Artists from all over the world participate in this iconic exhibition in the very city center of Amsterdam. From South Africa to New Zealand, ages 20 to 80, all genders, world famous and starting: Marlene Dumas, TINKEBELL., Terry Rodgers, Silvia B, Sacha de Boer, Berend Strik, Sarah Maple, Hester Scheurwater, Anouk Griffioen, Max Kisman, Inge Aanstoot, Sylvana Simons, Barbara Broekman, Maxime Duvall, Liz Nielsen, to name a few. And me of course. So come and buy your artwork!


De Balie debate center
Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10
1017 RR Amsterdam, Netherlands

December 8-15, 2019
Opening reception December 8, 2019, 4-8pm.
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10am-11pm
Finissage December 15, 2019, 4 pm.


Women on important positions like mayors, politicians, talk show hosts, musicians, all get a lot of sexist dirt thrown at them. Women are called hysterical, while men in the same situation are called bold….

It’s structural, it’s normalized, it’s everyday sexism. 

This. Must. Stop. 

That’s why Nasty Women Amsterdam strike again with a new smashing art exhibition & fundraiser in Amsterdam.

1. Exhibition to make a statement against sexism
2. Artists donate their art to show solidarity
3. Fundraiser for charity, so come and buy


• Elance Academy: Girls inspire Women, Women inspire Girls
• Doctors of the World: Birth control consultation for undocumented women