Nomination Familiekamer Kunstprijs

Uitnodiging de Familiekamer
Along with Fleur v.d. Berg, Irene Cecile, Simone de Jong and Esther Tielemans I’m nominated for the Familiekamer Kunstprijs 2014. The award consists of a cash prize of € 1,500, – and a huge trophy and is made ​​available by De Familiekamer and Cultuurfonds Leiden. Maurice Braspenning is the curator of accompanying exhibition PRIMA DONNA. The jury consists of Meta Knol, director of the Lakenhal Museum, Sandrine van Noort, consultant Art Department of the LUMC and Manon Renken, divorce lawyer at the Familiekamer. The opening of PRIMA DONNA is on Friday, March 21 at 17:00, the winner will also be announced. The show runs till April 27.


lenny_waasdorp_priorij_emmaus lenny_waasdorp_katholieke_illustratie lenny_waasdorp_bloemen

I’ve spent this week in the convent of the Regular Canonesses of the Holy Grave [Reguliere Kanunnikessen van het Heilige Graf]. A contemplative week on a beautiful wireless estate. On Tuesday, I witnessed the ceremony where palm branches are burned, a tradition within the Roman Catholic Church. Palm branches symbolize the martyr. The next day, on Ash Wednesday, the priest places a cross of ashes from the burned branches on the forehead of the faithful, while he pronounces the words: “Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.” On the same day I photographed the series of double portraits #1 till #6, and selfportraits #067, #068 and #069 using ash to darken my face.