Titel: 28.11.2016 10.44 uur. Baanvak Ut-Ht. Dr. W. Hüpkesbrug bij Zaltbommel in SLT 2411. 16035

Since today, five of my works have been purchased by the Dutch Railways Head Office in Utrecht. These works have been developed for the Executive Board and are situated in their work and meeting spaces. All photos from these works are from the photo book Station to Station to Station. The beautiful wooden frames are made in cooperation with furniture maker Frida van der Poel.

The custom-made wooden housing made of zebra wood (FSC quality mark) contains a Full HD monitor with player and a motion detector. The player automatically plays with movement and plays the video in loop. The video can be paused, a pause button is mounted on the right, but not turned off. Thirty minutes after the last move, the video automatically stops playing. The size of the monitor is 22 inches (55.88 cm), which amounts to 27.40 x 48.70 cm. The total work, including housing, a few cm larger. On the left side of the wooden housing the title has been milled.

The work is in the office of the president of NS
The Client’s meeting room has two photos that have been taken just one second in succession. Both are titled: 16.04.2017 19:09 Track section Amf – Zl ICMm 4213 at Hanzeboog Zwolle 665. On the left side of the wooden housing the title has been milled.

The photos are printed on high quality photo paper and glued between dibond and antireflex plexiglass (which is necessary with the many fluorescent lamps). The frames are custom made by furniture maker Frida van der Poel.
Size of the photos: 140 x 105 cm. Slightly larger with frame.
Titel: 10.01.2015 10:21 – 10:22 uur. Baanvak Almo – Hvs. Dive-under bij Weesp. 4941
The work space called ‘Het Station’ there is a photo sequence of 24 framed photos. Each photo comes with passe-partout in a white wooden frame with non-reflective glass. The installation of 24 photos is arranged in four rows of six and in chronological order.

Size per frame is 28 x 35 cm. Total size is approximately 112 x 210 cm.
Titel: 03.05.2015 20:02 uur. Baanvak Asb – Ut. Demkaspoorbrug. 3173
There is a triptych in the office space De Standplaats. The photo of the Demkaspoor Bridge in Utrecht was cut in three pieces for this purpose, the two outer parts being the same width as the middle one. Each part is floatingly framed in a black wooden frame with non-reflecting glass. There is an inch between the frames.
Sizes outer two photos: 78 x 35 cm each. Size inner photo: 78 x 70 cm. Total size of the photos: 78 x 140 cm. Total size of the work including lists and spaces slightly larger.