A collage from the installation I Fall to Pieces (2015). On show in Ars Aemula Naturea (Leiden) from Januari 3 – 18



I Fall to Pieces – overview


In the various parts of the installation I Fall to Pieces Self Portrait # 077 is the starting point. The center piece of the installation is a jigsaw puzzle consisting of 2,000 pieces. Visitors of the exhibition are cordially invited to puzzle, and therefor put the self-portrait piece by piece back together again.













In the background: 77 variants (76 x small and 1 large) of the Self Portrait # 077. Each variant highlights a different fragment of the same personality. 

77 varieties on Self Portrait #077.
I Fall to Pieces (detail). 77 varieties on Self Portrait #077






I Fall to Pieces (detail). One of the 77 varieties made of Self Portrait #077. Size 70 x 100 cm. Printed on Fuji Pearl, framed
























Far left, where the installation begins, FACEREADER statistics: a software program that is used in security business. 

Gender: male
Age: 20-30
Beard: none
Moustache: none
Glasses: no
Facial Expressions: mostly Surprised, less Neutral, Happy and Scared, minimal Sad.

Self Portrait #077 has been analyzed in a total of seven times using several biometric detection programs such as BetaFace, FaceFacePlus, Pretty Scale and a program that makes an emotion profile.

I Fall to Pieces (detail). FACEREADER statistics. Size 60 x 45 cm. Printed on wood.