My work is about a parallel world. I don’t want to show what is already there, but what is usually hidden. An in-between world parallel to that we see and share. It is sometimes poetic, sometimes disturbing and raw. Like you’ve scratched the surface layer of the things with your nails.  

I wonder: when do you become someone else? What remains when you take someones or somethings main characteristics? Remains that object or that person still the same? Can you loose your identity? Or does it change? And if something is broken, and it has got no longer it’s primary functions, then what is it?’

Lenny Waasdorp studied fine art at the Royal Academy (The Hague), the Marmara University in Istanbul and postgraduate DNA in The Hague, but as a photographer she’s self-taught. Waasdorp investigates, while photographing, the photography as a medium. This results in self-portraits, portraits of others, pinhole photos, mobile photography and digital collages. Analog and digital.